What Your Liver Does For You And What You Can Do For Your Liver

   It truly is crazy how the human body can do so much for someone without them even noticing and yet that same person may not known anything about their own body parts and functions. Which is sad because like the old saying goes "if you knew better you would have done better". Which is the perfect line to hit anyone with who doesn't know/understand the real process of how the body works. If everybody did then a lot of products in everyone's local supermarket wouldn't still be there and several fast food chains wouldn't/be able to sell most of the items they already do nowadays. Not to mention how better everyone would fill with being more internally clean and fit but that is a whole different story. Today we will focus on the importance of the liver and some of the key factors of just what it does and why it is so important to take care of your liver. Plus with the liver being the largest internal and most complex organ I'm pretty sure everybody would want to know what it does and how to take care of it.

   To say it as simple as possible, besides getting oxygen,the liver does everything the brain and heart doesn't do for the body. When it comes to the digestion part of the body the liver really only has two main functions but when you look at the non-digestive side it becomes clear of how the liver is a very important internal organ.

   Your body's liver is like the filter for the body. Not only does the liver's cell, known as hepatocytes, secrete bile and all the bodies build up. In other words it is the organ that gets your poop and pee ready to leave the body. If it wasn't for your liver basic main function the inside of your body would just pile up over time and you would never be able to make a BM (Bile Movement) again! Which may sound but there is people that suffer from this everyday. The liver even acts like a filter for all of the body's blood. The liver is the only place in our body's where blood passes through spaces called sinusoids, instead of passing through capillaries as blood normally does else where. But within the sinusoids there is a cell known as Kupffer's Cell or stellate reticulendothelial cells and they destroy everything to damaged cells, foreign matter and bacteria. Keeping all your blood fresh and ready for another pass through the body. The Kupffer's cell is basically your blood's $200 for everytime it passes GO!

   But when (or while rather) your liver isn't playing board games with your blood it still is doing many other functions to keep your body in top-top shape. The body's liver is where all the magic happens! Not only is it the body's filter but it also it's personal chef and refrigerator. From storing glucose from the blood when there is to much in the flow and then vic versa breaking down those same stored glucose when your blood stream is low. Also doing the same with fatty cells and storing or burning them when needed, or even how the liver can act like a detox machine for anything that enters the body especially alcohol or any other harmful substance that the body can not handle to much of. The liver actually works with our skin and kidneys to form the vitamin A, D, E & K for the body, glycogen, vitamin B12, and even minerals like Iron and Copper. Our body's liver is major and it is highly important that we take care of it as it takes care of us. Like in the previous post where I talked about how people need to clean the inside of their body like they clean the outside of their body, well once everyone gets hip the liver should be the first place you start when cleaning the inside of your body. With it doing so much for the body's blood flow and how it's the headquarters for several important minerals and vitamins for the entire body it definitely needs attention with cleaning.


   A great way to give your liver some love for all it's hard work that it does for you day in and day out, is give it some of Slow & Steady's 'Liver Love'. Our Liver Love is blended all organic herbs such as: sarsaparilla root, bladderwrack, burdock, verbena powder, dandelion root and milk thistle powder. When combined and taken on a 3 daily consumption system the Liver Love will target the liver and cleanse it of all it's toxins and unwanted particles to help rejuvenate the flow of blood of the body. Although when reading you may say that is what the liver does already but Liver Love detoxes the liver itself, everything in your body over time will eventually build up and build up is never good when it comes to the world of inside our body. All-in-all when cleaning the inside of your body don't forget about the liver.

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