What is Aloe Ferox?
Aloe Ferox is something I'm pretty sure you may have heard before while out and about or maybe you may have seen some products with the word 'Aloe' written some where on it. But let's stop and think about a very simple question that I'm sure many of whom could not answer; what exactly is 'Aloe Ferox'? Not only is it one of the main ingredient in the Slow & Steady Advance Digestion but it recently is a key ingredient in several other products. So with that being said it's only right that someone would at least inform you just what it really is.

   Aloe Ferox is a plant native to South Africa that has become known for it's medical use after it has been used for so many years because of it's healing properties. The plant Aloe Ferox grows to an average of 10 feet tall located all throughout southern Africa. One of the main components of the plant Aloe Ferox are the branches they sprout from the center and eventually bear several spike like flowers that also are known to have healing properties. For many many years including nowadays monkeys and baboons eat the Aloe for it's nectar. Which is also why people have been harvesting that same nectar because of it's laxative properties.

   Now some may not be familiar with 'Aloe Ferox' because depending on where you come from it may go by a different title, such as; 'cape aloe', 'bitter aloe' and 'tap aloe'. Regardless of what you may call it just know the process of getting the goods from the plant is always the same. From draining the Aloe's leaves to obtain a gel from the inner leaves that is used in health drinks and skincare products all over the world. To extracting the properties from the Aloe nectar which is also used all over the world but more to stimulate bowel movement. Some even extract the Aloe's sap and used to treat some STI (sexually transmitted infection), mostly Gonorrhea.

   All-in-all, Aloe Ferox historically has been a highly used medicinal plant with powerful healing properties for many many decades now. And with Aloe Ferox being one of the main ingredients in the 'Advance Digestion' it's only right that you know more than you did when it comes to Aloe just for the simple fact that you are a few clicks away from adding Aloe Ferox into your daily diet as well!

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