One's comfort zone can be the best place in the world to some, so much so that all of their decisions are based off if it'll keep them in that position. Your comfort zone is like a campfire out in the middle of the woods. A campfire that gives off heat, light and even protection. When you think about it sitting around the campfire would be the ideal spot. The only problem is will it last. Yes you have your light and heat but what about the next morning or night, or the day after that or what if your fire wood runs out? Will you stay in your comfort zone forever? Will you ever explore the woods? Will you turn around and go back home? To some people just being in the woods is out of their comfort zone so in a way you've made it further than some but the point I'm trying to make is when you look at the situation from all angles you will find out that people's comfort zone is always holding them back.

   Comfort zone is a place or situation where one feels at ease and without stress. One's comfort zone could be several different places or it could just be your location. Sometimes people's comfort zone could be other than an actual physical location, to some it could be a materialistic thing. Like toddlers and their baby blankets or young kids and their favorite toys comfort zone can vary from person to person or from place and situation. Although many of us may not notice but we all have an comfort zone in some form or another the real question is how can we control it and use it to our advantage?

   Imagine those early Monday mornings when you wake up to the sound of your alarm clock after a wild fun-filled work-free weekend. Yup, you are in your comfort zone! Your under your nice warm blanket thinking about getting ready for work, driving through the same old morning traffic and then actually putting in some work for the rest of the day. The only thing that is stopping you is that little voice in your head saying "call off and stay in bed". This, like I stated earlier in the post, is one prime example how your comfort zone can/will be holding you back. When you find yourself comfortable, stress-free, relaxing, etc it is safe to say you're in your comfort zone and your body/mind will do/tell you everything you want/need to hear to keep you in that zone. And usually (for most people) your comfort zone will win and you will stay right in your comfort zone. Which at the time may seem like a good idea but most likely never is the best option. If you don't work you can't get paid, if you don't get paid you can't pay your bills, if you can't pay pay your bills then you don't have a room to sleep in, if you don't have a room to sleep in then you can't sleep in. Funny how those things work out isn't it


   Now let's look at comfort zone from a health standpoint, honestly the most important topic. When it comes to our daily food intake I believe the majority of people are always in their comfort zone. By comfort zone I don't mean someone's choice of food or even the health benefits of the food. What I mean is what we do with our body before/during/after we eat something, with the answer being 'nothing'. One's comfort zone when eating is knowing that whatever I put in my body will go it's course and come out eventually. Since birth we've all had the comfort of knowing our body can get rid of whatever, when really that isn't the case at all.

   When it comes to the inside of the body I sort of look at it as I do with the outside of the body. Did you ever stop and wonder if we are taught to clean the outside of our body but not the inside. Or like a car, on top of keeping the interior and exterior clean you still have to take care of whats under the hood. From changing the oil every so often and checking fluids there are endless things to be on top of that don't tend to themselves. Now back to the body. Think about all the food and beverages you've had within the 7 days. Then think about all the trips you took to the bathroom within the past 7 days, do you think it all came out? Or just try to imagine the food that could get stuck inside of your internal organs not just within a 7 day span but from over the past couple of years. With these type of questions in mind you should begin to get that uncomfortable feeling just thinking about all the old meals still floating some where in you (most likely to cause some crazy health condition years later down the road. But don't worry, Slow & Steady Healing wouldn't showcase an issue without presenting some type of solutions. And the simple solution for cleaning the inside of your body is (drum roll): Detoxing!

   Detoxing is when you abstain from or rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. And luckily for you Slow & Steady Healing offers one of the best detox kits out on the market. With powerful flushing supplements to get the bad out and ultra cell tonic to help rebuild/repair the body. With the flush supplements, Liver Love, Immune Booster, etc the full-body detox kit is the best bet for anyone looking to really invest in their health, plus not to mention that all of the products are 100% organic and vegan approved!

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