5 Foods That Can Damage Your Liver

   If something doesn't kill you it will make you stronger, but that isn't always the case when it comes to all the different types of food we put in their body. Especially when you really breakdown the effects of some foods on how it effects our different internal organs. Take the liver as an example, with some many new items popping up on the market it would be wise for most shoppers to know what type of food aren't so good for the liver just so they know what not to get. (if you knew better you'd do better). Well fear not, I've put together a simple list of 5 food products that are harmful to the body's liver. Now this isn't a super secret list that 'THEY' don't want you to know or a list of 5 'MOST' harmful products just so you know. This is just a normal list of 5 foods that may not be so good to your liver in the long run.

(1) Trans Fats

   As if you didn't already know that man made fat that you find in packaged and baked goods really isn't to good for you. Eating to much fast food over time (all that fat and sugar) won't do your body any good. To be sure about what your buying/eating check the label and look out for 'grams of trans fat', even if it says zero there still should be some in there.

(2) Sugar 

   The body uses the sugar (known as 'fructose') to make fat and as you can imagine if you intake to much sugar the body has nothing else to do than turn all that into more fat. And of course to much fat building up will only lead you to liver disease plus more problems down the road. Some even say to much sugar can be just as harmful as alcohol

(3) Alcohol

   This one is a easy give away, we all know alcohol is your liver's worst nightmare. Taking in to much alcohol will damage your liver cells causing them to be replaced by scar tissue due to chronic inflammation known as cirrhosis. In other words try not to turn up so much.

(4) Salt

   To much salt will cause the body to have a increase in blood pressure which from there leads to many more problems later down the road. To stay on topic the increase of blood pressure could eventually lead to fatty liver disease.

(5) To Much Vitamin A

   Of course it's always good to get your daily doses of vitamins but just like everything else in the world to much of something isn't good for you. So just keep that in mind when your trying to be healthy and are on your 3rd bowl of salad.

   There are many things that can be problematic for your liver but here I have a simple list of 5 things you should avoid to much or just try to avoid in general! 

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