Detox Kit - Why & What

Why exactly do we need to detoxify our bodies? And what will the Slow & Steady Detox Kit do to remove these toxins? In the short video below, Slow & Steady Healing explains the two biggest questions we get about our Detox Kit. Enjoy!



Why do we detox - From the air that we breathe, to the water that we drink, to the food that we eat, and who knows what type of drugs you are on... All of these can cause our bodies to become toxic. If we allow these toxins to sit inside of us long enough, this could cause disease in the future. We always need to detox because our bodies work just like sponges. The same we wash our skin, clean our hair, and scrub our body, we MUST also clean the INSIDE of our body. We have to clean our intestinal skin wall the SAME way we clean the outside of our body.

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